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SMB & Retail

Industry Applications

Our products and services are fully applied in:


SMB & Retail

We provide solutions for branding/creativity for all types of individuals and entities.
Infiniti Software Solutions provides both hardware and software solutions for Retail stores e.g. PoS systems, PoS terminals, Loyalty card printers etc



Infiniti provides both off the shelf and tailor made solutions for entities within the Education sector i.e.
K-16(University) and Training institutions including e-Learning authoring toolkits etc



Whether you are in Banking, Insurance, Capital markets, Cooperatives etc; we have  commercial off the shelf solutions that work for your business e.g. IT Security and Risk monitoring, instant card issuance, visitor management etc



We provide cutting edge solutions and services such as Document Management, Automated Workflow Processing, Image processing and capture, Enterprise IT Program Management consulting to national & local government, state corporations and agencies. 

About Us

A couple of passionate tech savvy IT students came together in early 2004, they had one goal:
"To get I.T working for SMBs"; a couple of years later, Infiniti Software Solutions Ltd was incorporated in May 2009 and has grown to spread its wings across the region.
We have fruitful relationships with clients across the SMB, Retail, Banking, Non Profit,State Corporations, Insurance as well as partnerships with leading IT OEMs and Integrated System vendors.

Our Vision: "To be a world class solutions provider of choice in Africa"

Our Mission: "Your success"


Honest and Dependable

Where as we don't like having to blow our own horn, but the Truth is, we have never ever had any client complaint of dishonesty on our part; we strive to dependable and hence why we are still here.


We Are Always Improving

We firmly believe in continous adaptation and as we adapt to ever changing demands and market dynamics, we inevitably improve and maintain agility.


We Are Passionate

We are passionate about providing solutions to challenges, passionate about getting I.T done the right way i.e. the way that works best for your business.


Collaboration & Transparency

We love working with our clients, partners and associates. We believe in openess, free sharing of ideas; a great solution is always one idea away.

Infiniti Software Solutions Ltd

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